Cuddles and silly tv.

I think I’m in love with Reece.

Made dinner tonight… A lazy anniversary eve dinner for my woman.

I can’t handle this level of cuteness.

Birthday party time for Isla soon!

He annoys me. But, damn it, I love him.

Beat it out. #screenwriting #screenplay #beatsheet #blakesnyder #savethecat #firststabatachildrensfilm

That can’t be comfortable as a position for breakfasting.

This is the cutest damn #Coca-Cola cup I have ever seen. I’m keeping it forever. Little coke bottle window. Just adorble!

Last night Nicky was laying next to me and did this cute stuff. His big ass paw on my leg. <3

So, my nephew had his first day at school as well as his first trip to the ER the other day. Busted his chin open and they glued him back together!

I let her feed herself. Mistake.

Train dominoes with these two…

He might like me.

New roommate. I think he feels cozy already!