Park Lane Tavern with @amycoleslaw, Bonnie, and Gina.

If #amazeballs had a facial expression it would be my nephew’s face at around 17 seconds. #Disney #disneyonice #frozen #family #ilovethesekids

Gramma bought her a gift that will be broken by the end of the day tomorrow!

Got my #pride bracelets from! Go and check them out! It’s for an excellent cause. They can do just about anything… These bracelets were an idea I had that they made a reality. :)


She wanted of us together. Sigh. She is so cute. Sorry for the spam of her today.

Dragged the kid table outside and surprised violet with a porch time lunch outside. :)

My niece is a #rockstar.

My niece put this on me and said I’m now a princess. Lucky me.

Cuddles and silly tv.

I think I’m in love with Reece.

Made dinner tonight… A lazy anniversary eve dinner for my woman.

I can’t handle this level of cuteness.

Birthday party time for Isla soon!