I just love them!

His mommy said that other pic made his hair look taller than it is. I agree. Here is a better shot!

My little buddy got his hairs cut for when he goes to school!

I really like this pic. Me and my love on our way home from Pride the other day.

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QuestionThis is going to be long, I apologize. So my gf and I used to have sex every single day, sometimes 2 or even 3x/day. I was 40lbs heavier back then. Now I'm 5'8, 190lbs. She's 5'3, 130 lbs. I've always known she was fatphobic. I've gotten her (cont) Answer

I only received this portion of your question…

Libby knows how to live life. We should all take notes.

My girlfriend is adorable… She made these last night. Look at the monkey’s little belly button!

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QuestionWant to give a butthurt girl advice? Answer

bring it on!

Violet… She’s just so cool.

My friends have this little thing they do to help kids… They are desperate to reach their goal in order to help get kids in need shoes and other items for back to school!

Any amount helps and is so greatly appreciated!

Nice cool evening with the kids.

I’m really terrible about updating here and keeping my word about creating posts that will help me grow as a writer as well as venture into the world of writing memoir pieces/essays.

I’m not sure how to tackle this either. I’m not sure if I should select something that is a hot button topic in the news and just write my opinion or if I should reflect on my past and create pieces to journal here.…

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In forever.

I can’t handle this stress with bills. I can’t handle these fucking idiot banks. I can’t handle anything right now.

I want to crawl into a hole and just die right now. I don’t want to deal with anyone today. Not work. Not life. Not people. Nothing.

I feel sick to my stomach with stress now.

Just me and the bebe. Big kids are at tumbling class.

Muscle shirts are for muscles.